We solved it

We solved it

In this section we would like to show cases studies that align to our company’s main profile but needed special solutions. Successfully closed samples that solved problems that could have easily happened to you.

Voluntary liquitation

A desperate chief executive – standing in the shadow of a serious penalty – contacted us just recently. They started their voluntary liquidation with their previous accountant for their three-years-old company. They communicated their decision to the tax authorities and the commertial court. The company had a 10 million HUF deficit earlier, this resulted in a shareholder loan. The problem was that a company can only liquitate if it does not have any liabilities. This also applies if they owe just a single shareholder. If the shareholder in subject remits the loan, it results in serious tax obligation. In this specific case, this would have cost 2.5 million HUF and they would have received an additional penalty worth of a couple of hundred thousand HUF. The chief executive, luckily, reacted in time by contacting us – and we knew the solution. This way we saved him 3 million HUF and we also successfully closed the liquitation.

Tax audit

Our client experienced one of the worst nightmares of executives: he received an audit notification from the authorities. He should have payed incidental expenses associated with minimal wage for his own employment – given he was considered to be a corporate body. He missed to do this and the sum aggregated.

To be honest, when he explained the problem, we saw no escape route from this, but then we took a closer look on the case. It turned out that he was registered in several businesses, but his work hours did not reach the weekly limit of 36 – and this won us the case. The biggest happiness is when the authority writes down the sentence: No audit evidence was obtained. While this sounds terrible, it is music to our ears.

Paroled tax penalty

Just a few months ago our client contacted us with a weird report received from the tax authorities. They fined him 750.000 HUF. Our client asked us to explain the possible results of the report. Given the fact that our client already accepted the report by signing it, we saw no option for an appeal. We encouraged them to pay the penalty and cancel any appeal while choosing the paroled tax penalty option. This alternative is rather unknown, while being really useful – by choosing this opportunity the penalty is halved immediately. As an addition, we handled in a request for payment ease and this resulted in the authority cancelling the remaining penalty, too.

If you would like to have your own article in our case study section, contact us. We know exactly how your story fits into the above mentioned success stories!