About us

About us

Liquitation, tax consultancy, outsourced finances and accounting? If you need any of the services listed above, you don’t need to search for these terms on the internet any more.

Given the fact that our company has more than a decade’s experience in the related field, we are pretty confident to claim that a tax auditor that can surprise the team of BRG-Group does not exist.

The time we spent in the field was enough to become acquainted with the other side – to know what is the information required by the Hungarian tax authority. We exactly know what is expected by them and how they react. As a result of this, we are firm to say that our knowledge and thus our services go above and beyond of knowing and complying with the legal framework.

Our company is so much more than just a service: we developed an innovative system that supports its customers beyond expectations. Stable and evolving innovation makes our complex knowledge possible, this is how we support our clients. As a result of this, you don’t need to search for lawyers and consultants, we cover you for everything that is needed to run your business. We support our partners with enhanced IT-solutions and give special importance to technical innovation.

Before we meet in person, feel free to visit our website where you can find a detailed description of our services, you can read our clients’ feedback and you can also find some case studies.

Best regards,
BRG-Group team