Accounting? Let us handle all the details!

When someone hears the word accounting, usually thinks of a mystical, untouchable phenomenon that makes them feel worrisome and something that should be handled by a professional. Indeed, it is a complex occupation – to handle a company’s related tasks. Of course, this does not apply for us.

Accounting from the finest

In order for a business to work successfully on the long run, precise accounting is essential. This requires a professional who takes care of all the paperwork and handles the accouting tasks and keeps the deadlines. Witout this a company cannot make any responsible decision. In case you are reading these lines, you most probably need an accoutant. That is, the help of our office.

The ideal accountant

An ideal accountant does more than just keeping the deadlines and working with numbers immaculately. Among other things they translate the paragraphs to the customer’s language and inform them about all the law changes. Watching from any perspective, the accountant has a confidential job. They get insight to a whole lot of information that their clients share only with a few. As a result of this, we have some professional criteria that we need to keep in mind.

A good accountant can be reached by the customer easily, the latter does not have to wait for a reply for days. An examplary accountant is patient and empathic and tries to explain the reasons and consequences in a clear manner. They communicate fast and steady. The ideal accountant is a person of finance, a logistics professional and adviser, too. A patient psychologist and a thinker philosopher who finds the root cause immediately.

All-inclusive acounting

What does that mean that we give an all-inclusive service when it comes to your business’s accounting?

  • • Preparing your tax declaration on time
  • • Contact with the tax authorities (representation for the business)
  • • Creating and submitting the yearly audit reports
  • • Maintenance of the book of accounts/ledger
  • • Maintenance of the register of fixed assets
  • • Creation of analytics and their maintenance
  • • Creation of business policies based on accounting
  • • All inclusive payroll calculation
  • • Processing the data of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH)
  • • We warn you in case we find any anomalies or illegal activities in the operation of your business.


Up to 50 invoices per month

24 900 HUFMonthly
Representation of company
1 consultation per month
Support on phone: from 8 AM to 16 PM


Up to 100 invoices per month

44 900 HUFMonthly
Representation of company
1 consultation per month
Support on phone: from 8 AM to 16 PM


Up to 200 invoices per month

74 900 HUFMonthly
Representation of company
1 consultation per month
Support on phone: from 8 AM to 16 PM
Custom pricing above 200 invoices per month

Why should you choose us?

Precise and thorough accounting does more than just easing the life of the business and its owners’. This is what makes the flawless operation of the company possible. If the numbers, papers or deadlines are incorrect, authorities will not hesitate to act. If you trust our office, you will not have any issues with these, what is more, you will receive the support of a team that is flexible, innovative and aligns to its customers’ needs to the fullest.

We do not only offer a service. We keep secrets, we develop, rush, recommend and whisper. Save our contact under the entry ‘Best option’ and get in touch with us soon!