Liquidation without problems

Is it time to say goodbye to your company? The painful act of liquidation or dissolution can be made even worse by having one or multiple accounting problems. If you outsource this task to a professional, you don’t have to fear and you can avoid the questions of authorities, too.

Help from professionals

It is a really hard period when someone is forced to liquidate their business. This is not a simple task, one has to comply with a whole lot of regulations and the process has a lot of obstacles. It is a territory unknown for most of the people and professional help is more than welcome here. The main aspects are efficiency, carefullness, trust and of course speed. If you choose us, you are guaranteed to avoid executors and you will not be caught by surprise with the questions of authorities.

This is how we work

  • Our first consultation is free of charge, where we sign a non-disclosure agreement. After this we get to know the past and future of the business.
  • The price of the second meeting is 25.000 HUF. After this, we give you a report created by multiple experts and an action plan for the liquidation.
  • If we sign a contract, we handle the remaining tasks ourselves. The price of this depends on the complexity of the case.

Voluntary or compulsory liquidation

From this point on, there are two possibilities: the firm liquidation is either voluntary or compulsory. In voluntary liquidation the decision to end the company without successor is either yours or the executive board’s. This, however, can only be made if the company does not have any financial liabilities. Compulsory liquidation is a more complex topic: the big difference is that the decision is made by the court, the reason for this is that the company’s operation did not comply with the law.

What should be taken into account at liquidation?

If you want to avoid meeting with the tax authorities in your soon-to-be-closed company’s office or, what is worse in your home, the following three things should be takein into consideration, being the most common mistakes:

  • withdrawn revenue
  • shareholder loans
  • missing deadlines: if you fail to keep the deadlines for a voluntary liquidation, the process turns to compulsory liquidation. The most common consequence of this is prohibition from establishing new firms.

If you don’t fully understand these terms, it’s not your fault: we explain it to you and show you the way out from the maze.

When a complany can expect compulsory liquidation?

  • If the court, based on its jurisdiction announces the company liquidation
  • If the dissolution is not finished within three years
  • If the company did not apply the general rules of liquidation
  • If a reason to end the company without successor arose and there is no place to apply the standard liqudation process

Prevent the problem before it starts!

While the difference between the two processes is highly obvious, one thing is common: we take care of the full legal administration. We ensure the fastest and most precise process, painlessly. If you found our website, you must be under time constrant. Do not hesitate, get in touch with us – be over it with us!