Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy: more than a recommendation

Efficient tax consultancy does not only cover the fact that we find the most optimal method of taxation for you and that we prepare your declaration on time. This service is much more – a task of trust. Here is why.

What is tax consultancy about?

A lot of chief executives ask themselves whether they need tax consultancy at all. In order for a company to run smoothly and work without errors, it is highly recommended to ask the opinion of a subject matter expert who understands taxation rules.

It is less and less common for a company to employ a colleague who is up-to-date in all the taxation rules. On the contrary, it is likely for a company or business to have a situation or problem where the solution is not recognized by a person with everyday knowledge. This is why professional assistance is required, both empirical and theoretical knowledge are needed for a business to work flawlessly.

Tax consultancy is required:

  • if someone is planning to start a business
  • when the efficiency of the company is verified
  • when the tax authority contacts the firm or finds a problem
  • when there is a question or concern towards the authorities
  • if the relationship with the accountant is jeopardized
  • in case of a tax refund, payout, optimalisation, rounding, depreciation or deduction

Why should you visit our office?

It is insufficient to know what is the optimal taxation form for your company and it is also unsatisfactory that an external company prepares your declaration on time and without issues. A firm needs more than this to run smooth and this is what efficient tax consultancy also covers. In this field the rules are ever changing. Keeping track of these, complying with the new rules, mapping and explaining the processes of authorities and courts is also a complex task.

All of the above needs professional knowledge, years of experience and paying attention to the smallest details. This is what our tax consultancy is about, we take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to anything related. If you take our advice then you will have to pay only the exact tax amount needed. With our help, you will not forget to pay any common charges. Also, you will not have the fear of mis-transferring money to someone else.

Our tax consultancy service covers not only domestic but international law, too. Our knowledge is up-to-date, efficient and thorough. We improvise, search, investigate, study, write, translate. All the above is needed to give professional consultancy.

Based on our experience, most of the chief executives seek tax consultancy service only when it is almost too late. Sometimes they search for a solution in panic, desperately, right before the tax audit. As far as we see, this is too late: it is much better to avoid the problem than seeking for ad-hoc solutions. This is why we recommend for everyone to put emphasis on prevention. That is, to avert the problem and not to get off with it. Even if an audit comes, you can count on our professional knowledge. We fully understand the methods of the authorities, know how to react and how to apply the best strategy.