Outsourced finance

Outsourced finance:
optimized administration

Month-end close, billing, contract preparation, getting ready for a tax audit. We could go on and on with the tasks of a colleague from the finance department. If a business lacks a person responsible for these areas, the whole company feels it. However, outsourced finance services optimizes the operation of your company from this perspective, too.

What does outsourced finance service mean?

Our outsourced finance service was came into existence due to a need that is more and more common in the life of businesses, companies but sole propreitors, too. A lot of the above listed works without colleagues in finance, but would like this operation to work flawless. This is why an increasing number of entities oursources this task to external partners. Even if we live in a speeded-up world of business that results in less paperwork, it is a common interest for everyone to have their financials right.

The fact that one invests money professionally does not automatically mean that the tasks related to this are operated well. Besides business spirit and creativity, precision, thus prompt administration is needed, too. For the successful operation of a company or business a trustworthy financial assistant is essential. Even if a full time employee is an overkill for the tasks, an external colleague for this area is definitively required.

What are the tasks your can contact us with?

  • Biling
  • Financial summary of projects
  • Expense/profit analysis, reports creation
  • Income and payback planning
  • Working hour administration
  • Contact with payroll and analysis of the numbers
  • Month-end summaries, month opening
  • Compiling transfer lists, handling of transactions
  • Providing bills to accounting
  • Keeping in touch with project leaders and report preparation
  • Keeping the financial system up-to-date
  • Renewing contracts and performance proofs
  • Preparation for a tax audit
  • Reminders for payment, dunning letters
  • Complete financial planning

Why you should choose us?

You need us because you don’t need a full-time financial employee. No one likes unnecessary expenses and in our online world there is no need for a colleague to be dedicated only to administration. Our company only invoices for actually executed work, rate per hour.
What does this involve? The better question is: what is not involved in this? You won’t need an extra employee, you can save their salary and any additional costs associated with this. You don’t want to spend too much money and time on in-house administration? Choose the option of outsourced finance, get in touch with us as soon as possible!